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Taste Studio in Williamsburg

We converted the former Craft House at the Williamsburg Inn to a Taste Studio in Williamsburg where we did cabinetry, soapstone counters, french doors, and custom walnut topped tables. The soapstone tops are Alberene quarried in Schuyler, Virginia (from Walton's mountain,) and were installed by our stone tops partner. The historic nature of the quarry and in-state location made them an ideal choice for this Williamsburg project.

Historic Area Store Remodel

We recently remodeled the interior of the William Pitt Store in  Williamsburg, adding sized shelves, slant display cases, barrels, drums, tucked away technology, and historically accurate storage.  Our work included all construction, cabinetwork, electrical/lighting, flooring, and painting.  A variety of items are displayed from soaps and straw hats to drums and  guns.

Other Projects 

We specialize in custom cabinetry and have done many commercial displays from a museum gift shop for the Mariner's Museum, fabric stores, coffee shops, and design shops in Williamsburg. We work with your visual display and marketing staff to ascertain what will best serve your purposes.

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